pratchett quintett

by Terry Pratchett
Release Date:  Mid Aug
In 2013 Gollancz started reprinting Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld books in new small hardcover editions which soon became a store best seller. Unfortunately they only had the rights to the first 21 books in the series, so their run finished with Jingo. Everyone hoped that Doubleday, who hold the rights to the remaining books, would do their own matching version. In late 2016 they did, releasing the next three books The Last Continent, Carpe Jugulum and The Fifth Elephant. Later this year they’ll be releasing three more; The Truth, Thief of Time and Nightwatch. This month, rather than waiting to do them in publication order all five of the Tiffany Aching books will be released in the same small hardcover edition as the previous titles, though with what looks like a slightly different art style to distinguish them as a separate series within the Discworld books. Given how many people have been collecting these reprints, I imagine these are going to be very popular. I certainly want a set.