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These books don’t really need much in the way of explanation. You either know about the Discworld series, or you don’t. If you do then you’re probably already aware of these new hard cover editions and if you don’t, you’ve got about thirty books to read before these four. With this release, and the five Tiffany Aching books from last month we’re into the home stretch with just five more to go to finish the series. Actually it looks like that may not be strictly true since neither of the two publishers who have collaborated on the project seem to have done The Amazing Maurice or The Last Hero. They both fall earlier in the sequence than this months’ releases so I expected them sooner, but it’s still a work in progress so we may yet see them in similar editions. This month fans get to add The Thief of Time, The Night Watch, The Monstrous Regiment and Going Postal to their collections, one of which is probably my favourite Discworld book, but you’ll have guess which one.