This month will see the release of the fourth book in the Pandora English series by Tara Moss. Since it’s been seven years since we had a new Pandora book the publisher has done a re-issue of the original books, with rather nice minimalist new covers. The series itself is a young adult urban fantasy with a contemporary setting. Pandora is a small town girl who has more than her share of bad luck. She’s an orphan with aspirations that go way beyond the nothing town of Gretchenville. An invitation from her mysterious Great-Aunt Celia to come and live with her in New York is a chance to finally try and pursue her dreams. Once there she discovers that her aunt moves is famous in prestigious circles and knows all the famous people. Her aunt is also part of another community, a secret and supernatural one which has a special and dangerous job for a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, who happens to be miss Pandora English.

Fun urban fantasy that mixes the New York fashion scene with vampires, lycanthropes, walking dead and spirit guides. It’s episodic, with a new case / challenge in each book with Pandora forced to deal with things like suspiciously supernatural anti-ageing cream, fashion designers weaving tangled and deadly webs as well as a prophesied apocalypse that she’s somehow the key to preventing. Things really are different in the big city.