The Long Drop by Denise Mina
Release Date:  Early May
Gritty Scottish crime novel set in 1950′s Glasgow and inspired by true events. One for fans of Stuart MacBride and Adrian McKinty
Iron Gods by Andrew Bannister
Release Date:  Late May
Sequel to The Creation Machine, this is a science fiction thriller set in a massive cluster of eighty-eight planets and twenty-two suns.  One for fans of Banks, Asher and Hamilton


Corpselight by Angela Slatter
Release Date:  Mid May
This sequel to Vigil returns to Brisbane’s supernatural population and its very pregnant enforcer Verity Fassbinder. Great fun urban fantasy that has teeth and a sense of humour. 
Mr Clarinet by Nick Stone
Release Date:  Early May
This is a dark tough-guy crime novel set in and around the crime gangs and voodoo cults of modern Haiti. Somewhere between James Lee Burke and Lee Child


Yesterday by Felicia Yap
Release Date: Early May
Debut thriller about a woman whose husband is suspected of killing his mistress. She can’t help though since she suffers from a condition that means she can retain only a single days’ worth of memory. When everything beyond yesterday is a blank, can you be sure of anything? 
The Outsider by Stephen King
Release Date:  Late May
The crime is simple, open and shut. Fingerprints, DNA, witnesses, everything. Except the suspect, the town’s popular Little League coach can prove absolutely he was out of town that day. How can a man be in places at once? The answer is so strange it could only come from Stephen King


The World of All Souls by Deborah Harkness
Release Date:  Early May
A hardcover companion book to the All Souls trilogy that identifies and explores the real world inspirations for the series. Fascinating read and a must for fans of the series. 
Ninth Circle by Alex Bell
Release Date:  Early May
Re-issue of a 2008 noir amnesia thriller with a supernatural twist. It’s Jason Bourne with angels, demons and a host of other nightmare nasties.


A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising by Raymond A. Villareal
Release Date: Late May
An epistolary novel told from a variety of narrators about the return of vampires to the world and the resulting chaos. Similar in style to Max Brook‘s World War Z. 
Rivers of London: Cry Fox by Ben Aaronovitch
Release Date:  Late May
Not the new PC Grant book that everyone wants, but the latest in a graphic novel series of new stories that feature the characters from the books. The new novel Lies Sleeping is due in November. 


star wars rebel
Star Wars: The Rebel Files by Daniel Wallace
Release Date:  Early May
Dossier style collection of bits of background lore and information on the Rebel Alliance from the early days right through to the latest movie. Presented in the same style and format as The Book Of the Sith, Jedi Path and Bounty Hunter’s Guide
Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff
Young adult cyberpunk novel about an unlikely relationship between a young girl who can destroy machines with the power of her mind and a robot designed to look like a human. Part thriller, part romance and all fun, it might say teen but this is for everyone who likes cyberpunk with a brain and a heart.