Empire of Sand by Tasha Sun
Release Date:  Mid Nov
A new fantasy novel set in a world redolent of the Mughal Empire of 15th century India. It’s got a young woman protagonist, romance and coming-of-age subplots similar to a young adult style novel, but with some dark fantasy and complex social and political elements as well. The author also invests heavily in world-building, so if atmosphere is your thing this is one for you. 
Newcomer by Keigo Higashino
Release Date:  Late Nov
A gritty police procedural crime novel set in modern-day Tokyo. While investigating the murder of a woman in the the Nihonbashi district, Detective Kyochiro Kaga discovers that the victim’s strange and complicated life leaves him with dozens of suspects who all seem to have had a motive to kill her. The sequel to the 2014 book The Malice, though perfectly readable on its own. 


Vertigo – A Celebration of 25 Years by Warren Ellis
Release Date:  Mid Nov
A beautiful hardcover book that documents the history of Vertigo Comics from its early titles through to blockbusters like Sandman and Preacher.  With interviews with some if its most famous contributors and never-before-seen art work and comic content this is the definitive book on the iconic company, its artists and writers. 
The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild
Release Date:  Late Nov
This is the art, design and concept companion to the 2017 game of the same name. Breath of the Wild was seen by many as a bold new interpretation of The Legend of Zelda universe and in here the creators share their thoughts and visions of the past, the present and the future. Lavishly illustrated and full of concept art, this is a must for any serious Zelda fan. 


The Dream Gatherer by Kristen Brittain
Release Date:  Mid Nov
This is an illustrated short story collection set in the world of the Green Rider series. Stories are set before and during the series and it includes a back-story on the creation of the series. 
Dungeons & Dragons Art and Arcana by Kylie Newman
Release Date:  Early Nov
Dungeons & Dragons seems to be enjoying a renaissance at the moment, so what better time to celebrate the forty-ish year history of the game than with this retrospective. Book covers and internal art from the earliest days through to now offer a nostalgic look back or a head-scratching ‘did they really do that?’ depending on your perspective. It’s also chock-full of commentary and is guaranteed to keep any D&D fan fascinated for hours.


magic the gathering
The Art of Magic the Gathering by James Wyatt
Release Date:  Early Nov
Magic the Gathering is the iconic collectable card game. This is due in no small part to the amazing artwork of the cards themselves. This book goes behind the final art to show the raw images and sketches that would end up on cards on tables all over the world. Covering the various ‘planes’ or card releases, it also includes artists’ briefs, inspirations and themes. Also included are four double sided art prints. There have been collections of final art before, but never before has this much of the creative process been shared with fans. 
Jeeves And The King Of Clubs by Ben Schott
Release Date:  Early Nov
I’m a huge fan of P G Wodehouse‘s Jeeves and Wooster books, so I’m interested and a bit cautious about this re-imagining of the inept Bertie Wooster (aided by his unflappable valet Jeeves) and his friends as part of the 1920s’ British Secret Service.


Dracul by Dacre Stoker
Release Date: Early Nov
A revisiting of the classic written by one of Bram Stoker‘s descendants, presented as having been compiled from recently discovered diaries penned by Stoker in 1868. In them he describes facing a very real creature of the night which will be the real inspiration for his classic works.
Fire and Blood by George R R Martin
Release Date:  Late Nov
The first of two books set three hundred years before the events of the Song of Ice and Fire series. They chronicle the history of the Targaryen dynasty from their survival of the Doom of Valyria to the creation of the Iron Throne, civil war and beyond. This answers a lot of questions about the history of Westeros and is definitely one for lore fans.


die hard
A Million Ways to Die Hard by Adrian Grasser
Release Date:  Early Nov
Despite the fact that it’s not my major focus, I seem to keep finding graphic novels that I want to put in the store. This is a new adventure featuring the hero from everyone’s favourite Christmas movie, Die Hard. A retired John McClane just wants a quiet life, but a deranged serial killer with a movie fetish wants John for his new and deadly production.
Under The Night by Alan Glynn
Release Date:  Early Nov
This is sequel and prequel to Glynn‘s 2002 book Dark Fields, which was adapted into the hit film Limitless. It begins after Dark Fields, with a man researching the mysterious drug MDT-48. He reveals a link between his grandfather and a 1950s CIA program called MK Ultra; one that may reveal the origin of MDT-48. Dark Fields was a cracking thriller and I expect this one to be too. 


Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi
Release Date:  Early Nov
This award-winning book explores the personal horrors and trauma of the Middle East through the artifice of a body made from the parts of people blown up by bombs and explosives. Conceived as a protest to the needless deaths, it instead comes to life and sets out to seek justice for its component parts. 
The Witch Who Courted Death by Maria Lewis
Release Date:  Early Nov
This is a spin-off from the Who’s Afraid books, but this one stars uber-medium and magic worker Casper Von Klitzing as the main protagonist. It’s great fun urban fantasy and while you could read it on its own, if you like this genre you should probably read Maria’s first two anyway.


Skyward by Brandon Sanderson
Release Date:  Early Nov
The start of a totally new all ages science fiction series about a planet at war that has as its last hope a remarkable girl and her relationship with a sentient starship. Sanderson has hinted of links to one of his other worlds, but won’t say which. 
How to Invent Everything by Ryan North
Release Date:  Early Oct
This one actually came out last month, but my stock was delayed. This quirky science book was conceived as the one-stop guide to recreating science and technology for the desperate time-traveller. Everything needed to boot-strap a group of people from sticks and rocks to the modern age in record time. Great nerdy fun and a fascinating read. 


Immortal Life by Stanley Bing
Release Date:  Late Nov
The plans for immortality of a high-tech future billionaire go awry when the artificial host created for him and code named Gene, decides he has other plans than just being erased to make room for the Mogul’s consciousness. A satirical take on our obsession with youth and fear of death and the role technology plays in both.
The Norse Myths by Dr Tom Birkett
Release Date:  Late Nov
Norse Mythology is probably the most popular in our folklore section, so I’m always looking for more.  This one is a bit academic than usual, but offers insights into origins, regional interpretations and the effects that contact with other cultures had on Norse culture’s perception of itself. A more intense read, but a great way to put the stories you know into context.