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Prador Moon
Shadow of the Scorpion
by Neal Asher
These are the latest of the Neal Asher books to be re-issued with new covers. They’re still set in the Polity universe, with two set earlier than the Agent Cormac and Spatterjay series and one after. Prador Moon is about the first encounter between the Polity and the hostile alien Pradorand the effect the inevitable war has on the development of the Polity as a society.
In Shadow of the Scorpion the aftermath of the Prador war has left many worlds devastated and in disarray. It is part of the work of Earth Central security to restore order. It’s a role that recent recruit Ian Cormac finds himself well suited for, though he is somewhat perturbed by his own calm capacity for violence. Haunted by disturbing and fragmentary memories of his childhood that feature a scorpion-shaped war drone, his search for the truth about himself sets him on a path where his skill at violence may be the only thing that keeps him alive.
Hilldiggers is a stand-alone novel set after the Spatterjay series and is a fast paced thriller where quadruplet siblings, born in bizarre and tragic circumstances find themselves caught up in interplanetary war, politics and the struggle for control of an alien super weapon.