The Haunting of Tram Car 015 by P Djeli Clark
Release Date: Early Mar
This new novella is set in an alternate early 20th century Cairo where magic and mythical beings are real. For special agents Hamed and Onsi it’s just another day of weird problems, in this case a possessed tram car. Odd, but not beyond them. The suffragettes, secret societies and self-aware automatons they’re about to encounter might be somewhat harder to deal with. A clever and original novella that will delight alternate history and urban fantasy fans.
Wolves of Rome by Valerio Massimo Manfredi
Release Date: Early Mar
I’ve got a soft spot for ancient-world historical fiction, and Manfredi is one of my favourites. This new stand-alone book is set in 3 BCE, and follows two brothers from Germania who are sent to Rome as hostages against their Chieftain fathers attempts at rebellion. Over the years they each adapt to Roman life differently and when the call comes to free Germania from Roman rule, old and new loyalties war with devastating consequences.


Belzebubs by 
J P Ahonen
Release Date: Early Mar
This is the print version of a famous web-comic and is just too much fun not to have in the store. It’s the trials and tribulations of an ordinary family. If by ordinary you mean one where the family business is a black-metal band and vaguely supernatural things happen all the time. It’s one part Addams Family, one part Calvin and Hobbes, powered by metal, with an application of corpse make-up and an occasional goat’s head. Grab a copy, crank the volume on your favourite black metal artist, throw the horns and laugh your head off.
The Test by Sylvain Neuvel
Release Date: Mid Feb
A new novella from the author of the Sleeping Giants series that takes the growing anxiety about immigration to an extreme and disturbing conclusion. In a future Britain a young man sits down to a test comprising the twenty-five questions that will determine his future. A strange twist of events then adds a more frightening layer and suddenly his decisions are literally about life or death. Poignant new story from an innovative new author.


Vigilance by Robert Jackson Bennett
Release Date: Late Jan
This is a new stand-alone novella from the author of the Divine Cities and Founders series. In it he combines US gun violence and reality TV in a what-if future scenario where the producer of a violent and paranoia inciting show called Vigilance suddenly finds himself on the wrong side of the dangerous cultural phenomenon that he has been encouraging.
No Way by S J Morden
Release Date: Early Mar
The sequel to last year’s science fiction thriller, One Way takes us back to Mars and its solitary inhabitant, ex-con Frank Kitteridge. The Corporation that sent him and the others here expected them to build their base and then die.  In fact they took steps to make sure of it. Now one man alone, he plots his revenge. Then he starts to wonder if he really is alone.


Municipalists by Seth Fried
Release Date: Mid Mar
A quirky, short (272 pages) book where a dull and unimaginative low level public servant and the physical manifestation of an AI supercomputer on the down low set out to solve the perfectly ordinary problems of Metropolis, super-city of the future. Along the way they’ll run for their lives and save millions, protecting the city from rebels and terrorists while questioning everything they believe. Who the good guys and bad guys are though, is anyone’s guess.
Kellanveds Reach by Ian C Esslemont
Release Date: Early Mar
There’s far too much backstory to the Malazan books to summarise here, so I’m going to assume that if you’re interested in this bit you already know. The short version is that there’s plenty more action and adventure in this third book of the Path to Ascendancy series. It’s also not the end, so there are more coming, though I don’t know how many at this stage. If you’ve no idea what any of this means, swing by the store and I’ll tell you all about the twenty-plus book epic that is Malazan.


Tiamats Wrath by James S A Corey 
Release Date: Late Mar
After a few delays (this one was originally set for a November 2018 release) the eighth book in the epic science fiction The Expanse is making its way to stores. The authors writing under the James S A Corey pseudonym, Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham have previous said that they projected that that the series would run for ‘about nine books’ so I imagine this one will start moving the story towards its conclusion.
Your Favourite Band Cannot Save You by Scotto Moore
Release Date: Early Feb
Another new novella in the form of a mash-up of the indie music scene and cosmic horror. New band Beautiful Remorse has released ten tracks in ten days and as they tour across the country they leave a trail of strangely affected fans. One curious blogger decides to follow them to find out why and ends up confronted by an answer so bizarre that it could not possibly be true.


elder cook
The Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook by Chelsea Monroe-Cassell
Release Date: Early Mar
As implied by the title, this is basically a cookbook with recipes for the various food items found in the game. It’s also full of great food photographs in keeping with the Skyrim / Elder Scrollstheme. When I posted about it on social media things went a bit crazy, so if you’re keen on a copy then you may want to drop us a line and get one reserved. 
Fools by Pat Cadigan
Release Date: Mid Mar
Fools is one of the great books to come out of the cyberpunk movement of 80s’ and 90s’. While not as well known now, this book and others by Pat were mandatory reading for cyberpunk fans back in the day and I’m thrilled that the folks at Gollancz have added it to their Masterworksrange. A high-tech dystopian classic.


Do You Dream Of Terra –Two? by Temi Oh
Release Date:  Early Mar
 A Slow burn science fiction novel that solves the problem of the long journey to investigate a new world by having part of the crew start as teens. As time passes and they must conform to the roles provided for the mission to succeed. The nature of such a small community where they grow to adulthood, and the inevitable pressures and mishaps of the situation make for a fascinating character study. An introspective look at a circumstance often glossed over in science fiction.
Holy Sister by Mark Lawrence
Release Date: Mid Mar
This is the conclusion to Mark Lawrence‘s Book of the Ancestor series, and if his other books have taught us anything, it’s that his finales are big and bloody events. There are terrible choices to be made, the constant temptation of dark powers, and every decision risks some and saves others. Thrones will shake, hearts will break and Nona Grey will save the world or break it all to pieces.


The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon
Release Date:  Late Feb
This is actually a February release that I read a bit about before it came out that has started to get a really big following now it’s in stores. It’s an 800 page stand alone epic fantasy about a conflict between two nations. One that venerates dragons as gods and another that fears them for the misdeeds of an ancient evil dragon now imprisoned. Reviewers have commented on the intricacy of the story as well as the exploration of the relationships between women in powerful positions. It’s also jumped quite a bit higher in my to-read pile.
Cage of Souls by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Release Date: Mid Mar
Adrian Tchaikovsky is a writer that I don’t think get talked about enough. He’s written science fiction and fantasy and explored all sorts of ideas and structures over his books. With his latest book he offers his own take on a post environmental collapse world. In a move that is reminiscent of Jack Vance and Gene WolfeCage of Souls is set on some other or future Earth under a bloated dying sun. Stefan Advani, rebel and outlaw, sets out to sift through the wreckage of countless civilisations and strange isolated communities of variants and mutants looking for an answer to a question that deep in his heart he probably already knows. Part climate fiction, part post-apocalyptic, with the stunning and interesting world-building and fascinating characters that his books always have.