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If you’re a serious Harry Potter fan then you’re probably familiar with these. If not, then allow me to bring you up to speed. These are re-issues of the classic series in an oversize hard cover, lavishly illustrated by award-winning UK artist Jim Kay. I should also mention that the use of lavishly to describe the illustrations is not hyperbole. The first two are about two hundred and fifty pages long each, and there is original artwork on just about all of them. Jim Kay has gone to the text rather than the films for his inspiration so this isn’t just derivative of the already existing media. I don’t know if the decision to release one a year is a marketing one or not, but looking the first two I wouldn’t be surprised if each one had taken a year to complete. Which brings me to why I’ve included this in the newsletter: the third book in the series The Prisoner of Azkaban will be arriving this month. If you’ve got the first two, you’ll definitely want one, and if you haven’t and you are a serious Harry Potter fan then I suggest you come in and have a look at them. These sorts of books tend not have massive print runs, so I imagine that restock options may be limited.