Normally the feature review section is for a novel that I really want to talk about at length, so you might be a bit surprised to see Anne Barnetson‘s Customer Service Wolf here. The truth is that I think that Anne‘s comic depiction of the trials and tribulations of the eponymous wolf are brilliant, and made even better for me at least, because it’s a bookshop the wolf works in. All of the strips are funny and clever, and loads of people will relate to them, but some have a special resonance that speaks to a booksellers soul. Some folks may have seen some of them on social media, particularly if you follow local booksellers. Which brings me to the second reason I’ve elected to make a special fuss about this book. Anne is a WA bookseller, has produced a book that is the funniest and sharpest of its kind in years and I’d really like to see it do well. This is a book for all the  long suffering folks of retail, hospitality and customer service. You probably know one. Hell, you probably know a few and they all need a copy of this. Not just because it’ll show them that they’re not alone in the various weirdness they encounter every day, but to remind them that when the system is trying to convince you you’re a robot you can always decide to be a wolf.