The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Illustrated Edition by Douglas Adams
Release Date: Mid July
March last year marked the 42nd anniversary of Douglas AdamsThe Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. Unfortunately, the things going on in the world caused all sorts of delays in design projects, which is why we are only just getting this into the store. This is a re-issue of the original The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, with loads of brand new illustrations by Chris Riddell. Inside you will find his unique take on Arthur, Forde, Trillion, Zaphod and of course the Vogons and some of our old friends like the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal and Slartibartfast. This is a beautiful book and possibly worth getting even if you already have an old copy lying around, just for Chris Riddell’s amazing art.

Harry Potter Crochet Wizardry
Release Date: Early Jul
It seems that your Harry Potter fandom can extend even further into your life with two new books that have arrived this month.  This is the first – Crochet Wizardry – and it contains 25 crochet patterns including a Hogwarts poncho, an Unbreakable Vow jumper and apparently a very special Ron cardigan which I suspect won’t be the coolest thing you have ever worn, but will probably be quite warm. Anyway, this one looks like good fun for crochet fans who also happen to be serous Potterheads.


Harry Potter Knitting Magic
Release Date: Early Jul
This is one of two craft books that have arrived this month for Harry Potter fans. This one is devoted to devotees of knitting. In here you will find such wonderful items as Patronum! mittens and Quidditch socks, of course the Hogwarts house scarves and even an official Weasley jumper that will make you one of the clan and certainly one of the coolest kids in school. Great fun and obviously for knitting fans everywhere.

Doctor Who: The Ruby’s Curse by Alex Kingston
Release Date: Late Jul
In the Doctor Who episode The Angels Take Manhattan, Dr River Song turns up to help The Doctor and also points out that she has written a book. A detective novel featuring the adventures of Melody Malone. Well, Alex Kingston – the actor who played River Song – has written a novel about a detective, Melody Malone. So this is the book written by the actor who played the character who wrote a book like this in an episode of Doctor Who. Simple really. It is all very peculiar and very Doctor Who, but quite good fun.

Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins-Jester by Sam Maggs
Release Date: Late Oct
The Critical Role series of podcasts is possibly one of the biggest Dungeons and Dragons-related things in the world at the moment, and the characters are extremely popular with fans. So the Critical Role crew have decided to give us their origins in a series of hardcover books. This is the first and gives us all of the background as to how Jester became the character we all know and love. It is a lovely presented hardcover, lavishly illustrated and will no doubt answer many questions that fans have while perhaps asking a few more.

Galaxy Quest: The Inside Story by Matt McAllister
Release Date: Late July
The 1999 film Galaxy Quest was probably intended to be a satire, or a parody, of Star Trek both on film and television but also in communities and fandom. Perhaps unwittingly, Galaxy Quest became a phenomenon of its own and this book celebrates the film and that phenomenon with art, design, interviews and comments from various people involved with the project. It may even have a schematic of the ship which will allow us all to answer Alan Rickman’s ionic question as to whether or not there is a pub.

The DC Comics Encyclopedia (2021 Edition)
Release Date: Early Jul
This is the latest edition of the official DC Comics character encyclopaedia. Across nearly 400 pages in this large format book, you will find more than 1200 different entries – heroes, villains, the famous, the ignominious, the well-known and perhaps some of the forgotten. The ultimate resource for settling arguments or for looking up obscure characters, and definitely one for any serious DC fans’ bookshelf or collection.

World of Warcraft: Grimoire of the Shadowlands and Beyond by Sean Copeland & Steve Danuser
Release Date: Early Jul
This is an unusual product, even for Blizzard. In addition to being an art, design and lore book to serve as a companion for the latest expansion to the World of Warcraft – The Shadowlands – it also deals with the subject matter of the Shadowlands, that being death and the afterlife. So in addition to lots of lovely World of Warcraft lore and the amazing artwork that Blizzard is so famous for, we will be getting an insight into the death and afterlife customs of various races and nations throughout Azeroth. I am rather looking forward to this.

Labyrinth Tarot Deck by Minerva Siegel
Release Date: Early Jul
I have heard that there a plans afoot to do a remake of Jim Henson’s classic movie Labyrinth. I will keep my opinions about that to myself, but this month Labyrinth fans have the opportunity to get themselves a copy of the Labyrinth tarot deck. Written by Minerva Siegel who collectors may recognise as also being responsible for the Supernatural tarot deck we had a few months ago. So while the artwork is quite pretty and very interesting, it isn’t anything like the Brian Froud artwork that typified Jim Henson’s Labyrinth movie. Nevertheless, good fun for collectors of tarot cards or for fans of Labyrinth who would like a bit more bling to add to their collection.