Art of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – The Art of Ishgard -Stone and Steel
Art of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – The Art of Ishgard -The Scars of War
Release Date: Mid Jun
Something very special for Final Fantasy fans this month, with two volumes of companion art for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. These high quality, large format art books feature concept drawings, character sketches and even the background aesthetic ideas as well as some interviews with the art and design team on the process of creating the world of Final Fantasy XIV. This is obviously going to be loads of fun for Final Fantasy fans.

Science of Middle Earth by Arnaud Rafaelian
Release Date: Early May
JRR Tolkien didn’t just create Middle Earth to be a setting, a stage, for his elves and dwarves and wielders of rings, it was something he invested as much time and energy into as any other aspect of The Lord of the Rings. As a result, going through his copious notes, it is possible to use them as a guideline to construct a science of Middle Earth, which is what author Arnaud Rafaelian has done. In here you will find references to Tolkien that give some indication as to why things are the way they are in Middle Earth, even down to why the Hobbits have such big feet and how Elven immortality actually works. A fascinating meta-analysis of the Tolkien world and bound to be plenty of fun for fans of Tolkien.

Star Trek Shipyards: The Borg and Delta Quadrant
Release Date: Early Aug
This is the latest in the Start Trek Shipyards series, and the first of two books featuring the ships of the Delta Quadrant. This one handles A to K, which of course includes everybody’s favourite, the Borg. These are tremendously good fun, with wonderful schematic and artistic representations of the ships from the series.  I’m also looking forward to the second one which will give us pictures of the Lokirrim and Vidiian warships as well as the Species 8472 Bioships. That one is due in October.

World of Warcraft: Flavours of Azeroth by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel
Release Date: Early May
Blizzard’s World of Warcraft setting is a massive world with many expansions and side worlds to visit. As a result, it seems that Blizzard have decided that it needs two cookbooks to cover it sufficiently. In this new one, we are guided by Pandarian chef Nomi, who you may recognise if you did a lot of cooking quests in the Mist of Pandaria expansion. Nomi shares a variety of new recipes, featuring dishes from his home land of Pandaria, the Broken Isles and even the newly discovered mysterious Shadowlands. Games are fun, but you can’t play all the time and you’ve got to eat. No-one said you couldn’t make your food nerdy too though.

Apex Legends: Pathfinder’s Quest
Release Date: Early May
This is a large, full-colour hardcover tie in book for Respawn Entertainment’s game, Apex Legends. Our guide through the lore, zones, characters and history of the Outlands, is Pathfinder the robot. This one is a great companion for fans for the game, which apparently is free-to-play and has millions of players. I’ve no idea if the game is any good, but I’ve seen a copy of this book and the art and lore look pretty cool to me.

Strange Planet: The Sneaking, Hiding, Vibrating Creature by Nathan W Pyle
Release Date: Mid June
It’s been a while since we have had a visit with the hilariously literal-minded aliens of Nathan Pyle’s books, and their observations of the ordinary world, but this month we get to return to them as they deal with something even more perplexing than usual. The vibrating creature, or the cat as we would refer to it, presents all sorts of puzzles to their understanding and to be honest, I don’t think the aliens will fare any better than humanity when dealing with cats. Nevertheless, the journey is hilarious and quite insightful. This is also the first Nathan Pyle book to be one long piece rather than short vignettes and is presented like a children’s story book, making it ideal for all ages. As much fun as his previous books, but shareable with the kids too.